How to remove black screen in Android on Virtualbox

If you have Android installed on VirtualBox you might experience a black screen if it has been inactive for some minutes. This article shows you how to wake your machine up from the black screen state.

The black screen is very annoying when you are working in Android and have to work on something else in the same time. It is not very easy to wake it from the sleep state. You wont wake it by pressing buttons on your keyboard or try clicking your mouse.

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If Android was installed on a tablet you simply would just press the power button, so you have to do something like this too in Virtual Box.

Unfortunately Android is not official supported by VirtualBox, so certain things wont work the same way as they would if it was supported. Anyway, there is a solution that works, if the black screen shows. Then you simply press Host+U or choose “Machine” and then “ACPI shutdown” – then it wakes up again.

I know that this is not an official solution, but it works. If you have any questions please write them in the comments. If you could use this solution, please share it with your social networks.

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