WP plugin for EU cookie consent

Google has just announced that all AdSense users have to implement a new AdSense policy called the Concent policy. This demands that all websites using AdSense that have visitors from the European Union informs the visitors about the use of cookies, that the cookies is shared with 3rd party and then get a concent from the visitor. This means that it is not only websites in the european union that have to apply to these rules.

The background is the european cookie law that has existed in a couple of years and that also require websites to inform the visitors about cookies.

If you are using WordPress, it is very easy to implement the new rules by using a WP plugin. I can recommend WF Cookie Consent plugin, which is very easy and discrete. This is free and can be installed just like other WP plugins:



When it is installed you can go to Settings and then “WF Cookie Consent”. This lets you customize the text that is showed to the user and a privacy policy page where the user can read more about cookies.


I recommend you to show the message in the bottom of the page, because this will disturb your visitors less than if it blocks a logo or something in the top. Then choose your “Privacy policy” page, which is also required to have if you use AdSense. Write “Read more” as text to the link and something like “This website is using cookies to give you the best experience” in the text. This text is simple and does not scare your visitors away. The dismiss text should be something like “I accept”. When you are finished click “Save Changes”. Then this message is showed in the bottom of your website for new visitors:


Which plugin do you use to implement the new Consent policy?

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